Sin’s Fatal Desire Series



Get ready for a new series of dark romance books. Not only will our heroine attempt to overcome her flaws.  Have to deal with devilishly handsome men and solve crimes.  Those crimes put our heroines in dark and dangerous situations.  Stay Tuned.


The Running Series:

Silent Running Free Copy

Don’t miss the prequel to Running Blind ….

“It’s edgy, heart pounding, suspenseful, and steamy. This is one prequel you don’t want to miss.”


Running Blind for 99 Cents

Recent review by M.A. Comley, USAT and NYT Best Seller of British Mysteries

“Running Blind is a terrific read right from the very first paragraph …

… Lots of twists and turns, a great cast of characters. High tension throughout makes this a hot erotic/suspenseful read that I can highly recommend.”

Baleigh Burgess was trapped.  Her world spun out of control and now she faced prison… or worse yet, going back into the Raging Rebels Motorcycle Club she walked out on.

Her fate grew darker when a man, a stone-cold killer, entered her life. Was he there to kill her or to love her?



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