Lisette grew up in Southern California into a family of artist. Her father worked in the film industry, while her brothers gained fame in photography and painting.

Lisette was an avid reader and always was asking “What If?”.  Wondering how a story would be different if events were altered.  That led her to reading mysteries, crime and suspense books.

As she grew up she grew more attracted to pulp fiction.  Even today she collects pulp fiction books, and loves a good film noir.


It wasn’t till later in life that she sat down and penned her first book, a short story called Surprise Party.  Lisette sent the book out and sold it to a small press.  Things in life got hectic again and she never got around to writing.

The book languished for a few years, and at the urging of friends, she dug it out and renamed it, Unveiling Façade.  It was self-published in February of 2016.  She had intended to leave it as a single title. But the urging of readers wanting to know what happened to Jocelyn, led to the Dark Desire series.

The second book, a novella, Façade’s Retribution, released on May 1st.  Façade’s Surrender, the third book, released on June 11th.  Lastly, the fourth book, Façade’s Salvation was released August 8th.

Currently, Lisette has returned to her fascination with crime stories and is launching a new series called, Running Blind.

It is a story of a woman, who get’s fired from the police force after her partner/lover is killed in the line of duty. Facing trumped up drug charges she is coerced into going uncover to pursue his killer. The problem? The undercover assignment is with a group of bikers she ran with before joining the force.

When not writing, Lisette enjoys cooking and camping and exploring the Canadian Rockies, which she calls home.

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