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I write Urban Crime Fiction with a noir twist.

My female MC’s are seriously flawed women, that must overcome those flaws to solve the crimes. Often due to the situations they are confronted with, their morals are in jeopardy. To solve the crime the often must sacrifice those morals, deal with wickedly dangerous men and yes, fall in love with some of them.  In the end, they are bad ass women, who kickass to solve the crime.

The series is called, Border of Desire.

Border of Desire is two current series that I’ve published.  One is the Dark Desire Series of five books.  They are Erotica/BDSM with a lot of crime elements. The other is called, Running on the Edge. It is more urban crime fiction and steamy.

They are coming together to form the Border of Desire Series.  I’m excited to bring these ladies together for some exciting stories and adventures.

To get more information on Lisette Kristensen click on the Bio.  You can get more information on both the Dark Desire Series and Sin’s Fatal Desire Series by clicking on each tab above.


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